• When will the app be ready to use?

    The developers require 2.5 months to develop the app, which means that the app will be ready to use by the end of October 2017 if the Kickstarter completes with our goal.

  • How will you give your profits to registered organisations?

    This is a complicated question and depends a lot on how much we exceed our Kickstarter goal and how much the app is used. In the beginning, if we are creating small profits, we will donate money directly to the organisations. We hope that eventually we will be making a large enough profit that we can take supplies to organisations – we want to do this so that we can show you what your money has been spent on. The organisation receiving the profits will be chosen at random every month, to keep assignment fair. If we reach a stage that multiple supply drops could be done a month, then this will definitely be considered. It all depends on how successful our app becomes.

  • Is The Global Pledge a Non Profit Organisation?

    The Global Pledge is a business that will have a non-profit constitution. This means that we will operate our business as if we are a non-profit by giving our profits back to the organisations registered on the app, even though we are technically a business. The road to starting a non-profit organisation can be long and complex in Australia, and requires multiple directors. When we started to develop this app, we didn’t have the team to consider this option. Having a non-profit constitution however shows that we are dedicated to giving back to the global community and that we want to instigate change directly, just as much as our future users want to.

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